1960 Born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
1987 Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Kyoto Technical and Textile University.
2008- Special lecturer of Musashino Art University.
2009- Visiting professor of Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Ryukoku University.
2015 Visiting professor of Institute of Construction Design, Cracow University of Technology, Poland.


- "Life and Architecture"(1990), published privately.
- "GOETHEANUM 3"(1993), HYPER SPACE vol. 2, No. 1.
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-Thesis "Stripes on Penrose tilings", coauthor: Yoshikazu Yamagishi, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical (Issue 1, 2011)

Solo Exhibition /Self-Produce

- "Star Cage : Pentagonal Diversity"(1997), The Wilkes' Gallery, Ohio Univ. U.S.A.
- "Star Cage : Pentagonal Diversity"(1997), The Christine Price Gallery, Castleton College, Vermont, U.S.A.
- "STAR CAGE"(1999),Arts Iowa City, Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A.
- "Stern-Warte"(2001),Gallery MUKURI, Tokyo, Japan.
- "inter-native architecture OF music"(2004),art space kimura ASK?, Tokyo, Japan.
- "inter-native architecture OF music"(2004),space B, IRC, Osaka Seikei Univ.,Kyoto, Japan.
- "Fibonacci Dragon", art space kimura ASK?, Tokyo, Japan, 2006, 2/6-18
- "Golden Bell Tower", gallery G, Hiroshima,Japan, 2007, 5/12-17
- "Hoshi-Bokkuri-Saryo", Kyoto Art Center,Japan, 1-30 Aug. 2008.
- "The Form of the Golden Ratio", Shizuoka City Museum of Art, Japan, Jul.-Sep. 2010.

Group Exhibition

- "The World of Scientific Art"(1993), The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research: RIKEN, Saitama, Japan.
- "Eggs of Moebius"(1993),O Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
- "Cosmology of Light and Form"(1994), Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Modern Art, Kobe, Japan.
- "Bucky Fuller Centennial Exhibit in New York"(1995), The Cathedral of St. John the Divine,
New York, U.S.A.
- "Building for the Future"(1996), Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Turkey.
- "Hyper Space"(1996), Aichi Art and Cultural Center, Nagoya, Japan.
- "Metamorphic Polyhedron"(1997), MU-SUN-SO Gallery, Nakano, Japan.
- "Virtual Architecture"(1998), CCB Cultural Center, Lisbon, Portugal.
- "MANDARA ONOMICHI MANDARA"(1998), Onomichi Art Museum, Hiroshima, Japan.
-"Program seed"(2002), Kyoto,Japan.
-"BRIDGES over the MANIFOLD"(2003), Tokyo,Japan.
-"BIWAKO BIENNALE"(2004), Ohmi-Hachiman, Shiga,Japan.
-"Wonderland in Museum", Azumino Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Toyoshina, Nagano, Japan, 2006, 7/29-9/18.
-"Rudolf Steiner and Art", Gallery SATSU, Tokyo, Japan, 31 May-29 June 2008.

Public Sculpture

- "Bamboohenge"(1994),Yoshida, Saitama, Japan.
- "Democratic Stairway"(1995),Yoshida, Saitama, Japan.
- "Quasi-Crystal Bamboo Sculpture"(1995), Wattens, Austria.
- "Quasi-Crystal Bamboo Sculpture"(1995), Baden-Baden, Germany.
- "Bamboo Star Cage"(1997), Wright State Univ., Ohio, U.S.A..
- "Democracy Steps for Cedar Falls"(1997), Hocking Hills, Ohio, U.S.A..
- "Bamboo Star Cage."(1997), Castleton College, Vermont, U.S.A.
- "STAR CAGE"(1998), High School of Wil,Switzerland.
- "STAR CAGE" (1999), HAKONE GARDEN, Saratoga, California, U.S.A..
- "STAR CAGE" (1999), Kona, Hawaii, U.S.A..
- "STAR CAGE" (1999), Zilker Garden,Austin, Texas, U.S.A..
- "neuro-architecture TATEBAYASHI" (2001), Gumma, Japan.
- "STAR CAGE" (2003), Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich.
- "Sunflower Tower" (2003), Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, U.S.A..
- "Sunflower Tower Catenary" (2004), IRC, Osaka Seikei Univ. Kyoto, Japan.
- "neuro-architecture in IRC" (2004), Osaka Seikei Univ. Kyoto, Japan.
- "FIBONACCI TUNNEL" (2004), YO-KOKU-JI. Kyoto, Japan.
- "Democracy Steps to the Lonely Bay" (2005), Whitianga, Coromandel, New Zealand.
- "Fibonacci Tea Ceremony House", YOKOKU-JI, Kyoto, Japan, 2005.
- "Fibonacci Tea House for G4G7"(U.S.A.), 2006.
- "Fibonacci Tower", MARU-CUBE, Tokyo, 2006.
- "Sunflower Tower", Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan, 2006.
- "Democracy Steps for G4G8"(U.S.A.), 2008.
- "Fibonacci Tea House for G4G8" (U.S.A.), 2008.
- "Star Cage in Leeuwarden", Netherlands, Aug. 2008.
- "FIBONACCI TUNNEL" (2008), Musashino Art University, Japan.
- "Bamboo City, Geometry, Music" (2009), Musashino Art University, Japan.
- "Giant Pleiades for G4G9" (U.S.A.), 2010.
- "MUMAGARI 600 for G4G9" (U.S.A.), 2010.
- "Bamboo Star Cage", Camphill, Ballytobin, Ireland, 2010.
- "Bamboo City, Geometry, Music", Musashino Art University, Japan, 2010.
- "Fibonacci Tower of Logs", Shizuoka, Japan, 2011.

Musical Works

- "FIBONACCI KECAK"(1995) presented at ISIS-SYMMETRY, Washington D.C.,Aug. 1995.
- "FIBONACCI KECAK for SHO"(1999) World Premiere was played by Tamami Tono on 20th Nov. 1999 at Chante, Gumma, Japan.
- "REAL KECAK"(1999)
- Composition, stage set design and direction "Star Drops"(2001), Gumma, Japan.
-Taking part in UBRTMAR.COM 's work "MACROMETASOMAKOSMOS" theoretically (2002).
- performance, ensemble starcage "TATAKE TAKE"(2004), Shu-Yu-Kan, Ohmi-Hachiman, Shiga, Japan(2004).
- "Installation with Sound and Light for Play written by Mishima",Ko-Yo-Sha, 2003, 2004.
- "Golden Bell Tower", 2006.
- "THE STAR FESTIVAL",Kyoto, Japan, 2009.
- "TANABATA FESTIVAL", Shizuoka City Museum of Art, Shizuoka, Japan,2012.
- "TANABATA FESTIVAL", Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan,2013.


- "Let's make Star Cage"(1993), The Workshop for the Coming Art, Tokyo, Japan.
- "Let's make Star Cage"(1993), Yokohama Civic Gallery, Japan.
- "Bamboohenge Project"(1994), Yoyogi, Tokyo, Japan.
- "Let's make Star Cage"(1994), Yoshida, Saitama, Japan.
- "Let's break up Star Cage"(1996), Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan.
- "Let's make Star Cage"(1994), Tama Six Cities Science Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
- "Let's make Star Cage"(1997), Wright State University, Ohio, U.S.A.
- "Let's make Star Cage"(1998), Liberty Science Center, New Jersey, U.S.A.
- "Let's make Star Cage"(1998), High School of Wil, Switzerland.
- "Scientific Design based on the Golden Mean| from Music to Architecture"(1999), International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), Gifu, Japan.
- "Let's make STAR CAGE" Studio 5 Gallery, Kona, Hawaii, 1999.
- "Let's make STAR CAGE" (2000), TAISHI Civic Library, Hyogo, Japan.
- "Let's make Bamboo Pleiades" (2001), Gallery MUKURI, Tokyo, Japan.
- "Let's make STAR SEED" (2002), Kyoto Art Center, Japan.
- "Ensemble Star Cage" (2002), Kyoto Art Center, Japan.
-"Real Kecak System" (2002) Bridges, Towson, Maryland, U.S.A.
-"Let's make MUMAGARI consists of 270 rods" Texas Bamboo Society, Austin, Texas, U.S.A. 2002, 8/25-26.
-"Geometry for Freedom" (2003), CAP HOUSE, Kobe, Japan.
-"Let's make Star Cage and Let's play Fibonacci Kecak" (2004), Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Japan.
-"Let's make Star Cage", Kobe Design University, 8 Oct. 2004.
-"Fibonacci Kecak", Kobe Design University, 7 Jul. 2004.
-"Fibonacci Kecak", Kyoto Seika University, 17 Jan. 2005.
-"Fibonacci tower", Kobe Design University, 24 Oct. 2005.
-"Katachi of Golden Mean" Azumino Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Toyoshina, Nagano, Japan, 17 Jan. 2005.
-"Let's make Star Cage", The Kyoto University Museum, Kyoto, 17 Jan. 2005.
-"inter-native architecture OF music" Musashino Art University, Tokyo, 17 Jan. 2005.
-"Let's make Pleiades", Musashino Art University, Tokyo, 4 Jul. 2007.
-"Bamboo Geometry", Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Nov. 2008.
-"Bamboo Geometry", Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Nov. 2009.
-"Starcage Workshop", Camphill, Ballytobin, Ireland, 2010.
-"Fibonacci Kecak", Yawata High school, Kyoto, 8th Nov. 2010.
-"Bamboo Geometry", Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Nov. 2010.
-"Fibonacci Kecak", People Tree, Kawanehon, Shizuoka, 6th Mar. 2011.
-"Star Cage Workshop", Workshop On Geometric Pattern In Islamic Art, Istanbul, Turkey (Sept. 2014).
-"Star Cage Workshop", Konya Science Center, Konya, Turkey (Sept. 2014).

Presentations in Conference

- FOAMS EUROCONFERENCE(1994), Renveyle, Ireland.
- IV-International Bamboo Congress, Workshop and Festival(1995), Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
- Third Interdisciplinary Symmetry Congress and Exhibition of the ISIS-Symmetry(1995), Washington, D.C.,U.S.A.
- American Bamboo Society Annual Meeting in Orlando(1998),Frolida,U.S.A.
- American Bamboo Society Annual Meeting in Saratoga(1999),CA ,U.S.A.
-"Poly-Twistor" (2002), ISAMA, Freiburg, Germany.
-"Real Kecak System" (2002) Bridges, Towson, Maryland, U.S.A.
-"Hexa-Twistor Triangular Section" (2003) Bridges, Granada, Spain.
-"Quasi-Periodic Essays in Architectural and Musical Form", G4G7, Atlanta, U.S.A., Mar. 2006.
-"Music and Architecture based on the Golden Mean", G4G8, Atlanta, U.S.A., Mar. 2008.
-"Fibonacci Tornado" 11th Bridges Conference, Netherlands, 2008, 8/24-29.
-"Fibonacci Tornado, Fibonacci Tunnel, Fibonacci Music", G4G9, Atlanta, U.S.A., Mar. 2010.
-"My Recent Works", ISIS, Gmuend, Austria, 24th Aug. 2010.
-"Poly-Twistor by 3D Printer. Classification of 3D Tori",16th Bridges, Enschede, Netherlands, 2013.
-"Quasi periodic labyrinth based on the Golden Ratio", ISIS-Symmetry, Crete, Greece, 2013.
-"Voronoi Phyllotaxis Tiling on the Fermat Spiral",17th Bridges, Seoul, Korea, 2014.
-"Voronoi Phyllotaxis Tiling on the Fermat Spiral for Architecture", 2nd STAR conference Proceedings, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014.

Special Lectures

- "The Declaration of Neo-Pythagorean"(27 Feb.1993), ARS+, Tokyo, Japan.
- "Musical Form of the Golden Section"(18 Nov.1993), ARS+, Tokyo, Japan.
- "Musical Form of the Golden Section"(30 Nov.1993), Keio Gijuku University, Kanagawa, Japan.
- "Mathematical Art on the Golden Section"(31 Aug.1996), Toyama University, Toyama, Japan.
- "Mathematical Art on the Golden Section"(10 Jan.1997), Ryukoku University, Shiga, Japan.
- "Ouroboros Engine"(26 Jan.1997), International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), Gifu, Japan.
- "STAR CAGE"(18 Sep. 1997), Rotary Club in Athens, Ohio, U.S.A.
-"STAR CAGE"(24 Sep. 1997) Ohio University, Lancaster, U.S.A.
- "Mathematical Art on the Golden Section"(29,30 Sep.1997), Wright State University,Ohio, U.S.A.
- "Mathematical Art on the Golden Section"(3 Oct.1997),Oberlin College, Ohio, U.S.A.
- "Mathematical Art on the Golden Section"(8 Oct.1997),Logan High School, Ohio,U.S.A.
- "Mathematical Art on the Golden Section"(15 Oct.1997),Mathematics Dept. of Ohio State University, Ohio, U.S.A.
-"Mathematical Art on the Golden Section"(20 Oct.1997),Castleton State College, Vermont, U.S.A.
-"Pentagonal Diversity"(20 Nov. 1998), Special lecture for AHA 10th year anniversary, Zurich, Switzerland.
- "Musical Form of the Golden Section"(8 May 1999),Dept. of Music, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto, Japan.
- "Star Cage: Music from Architecture"(13 Dec. 1999), Ryukoku University, Shiga, Japan.
- "STAR CAGE" American Bamboo Society Annual Meeting in California, 1999.10/15
- "REAL KECAK SYSTEM FThe Recursive Structure of Irrational Number and New Form of Music" Shingu Lab. Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, 12 March 2002 .
- "Star Cage: Music from Architecture" The University of the Air, Shiga, 14 March 2002.
- "Mathematics for Freedom" (28 Nov. 2003), Ryukoku University, Shiga, Japan.
- "Mathematical Art on the Golden Section" (26 May. 2004), Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto, Japan.
- "Star Cage" (3 Jul. 2004), Kobe Design University, Japan.
- "Real Number Music" (8 Oct. 2004), Kobe Design University, Hyogo, Japan.
- "The Magic of Power", PINC Conferences, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2, Dec. 2004).
- "Music and Architecture", Kyoto Seika University, 17 Jan. 2005.
- "JAPAN MEETS SAN FRANCISCO:Akio Hizume and Max Mathews", RX Gallery, San Francisco (22, Mar. 2006).
- "JAPAN MEETS BAY AREA AT 21 GRAND", 21 Grand, Oakland (25, Mar. 2006).
- "inter-native architecture OF music", Musashino Art University, 5 Dec. 2006.
- "Special Lecture" International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), Gifu, Japan. 2007. 5/11.
- "Mathematical Forms based on the Golden mean", Hiroshima-Gakuin, Hiroshima, 12 Jun. 2007.
- "Mathematical Art", Tokyo University, 16 Oct. 2008.
- "Special Lecture" International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), Gifu, Japan. 2009. 6/5..
- CHI-DELI in Apple Store "The World of Form - Function and Beauty of Structure", CSCD, Osaka, Japan, 2009. 3/1.
- "Music and Architecture based on the Golden Mean", Camphill, Ballytobin, Ireland, 6th Sep. 2010.
- "Music and Architecture based on the Golden Mean", Mermaid Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland, 9th Sep. , 2010.
- "Space Structure Based on the Golden ratio", Musashino Art University, 25 May. 2011.
- "inter-native architecture OF music" (21, 28 Nov. 2011), Kyoto Seika Univ, Kyoto, Japan.
- "inter-native architecture OF music" (24 Jun. 2012), Ryukoku University, Shiga, Japan.
- "inter-native architecture OF music" (29 Jun. 2012), Tokyo Denki Univ, Saitama, Japan.
- "Special Lecture" Tokyo Art Univ, Toride, Japan. 5, Aug. 2012.
- "Quasi-Periodic Alabesque of Music and Architecture", Workshop On Geometric Pattern In Islamic Art, Istanbul, Turkey (Sept. 2014).
- "The Form of Cosmos", Musashino Art University, Oct. 2014.
- "Quasi-Periodic Alabesque of Music and Architecture", FATIH SULTAN MEHMED VAKIF UNIVERSITY ARTHITECTURE FIELD, Istanbul, Turkey (Nov. 2014).
- "Special Lecture", Krakow University of Technology, Krakow, Poland. 12-16, Jan. 2014.

Patent Pending

- Five-Fold 2D Complex(1990)
- Temperament on Golden Section(1992)
- Quasi-Periodic Instrument(1992)
- Six-Fold 3D Complex(1993)
- Pleiades(1996)

1998 THE JAPAN ARTS FOUNDATION-for Contemporary Artist(JAPAN)
1999 International Design Competition, Osaka, Silver Prize


The Artist Organization(U.S.A.)
2005 Japan Society for Mercury Bay (New Zealand)
New Zealand/Japan Exchange Program (New Zealand)


1997 Edward and Betty Collings (Upper Arlington, Ohio, U.S.A.)
THE INN AT CEDAR FALLS(Hocking Hills, Ohio, U.S.A.)
1999 Carole Malone(Bamboo Branch, Austin, Texas, U.S.A.)
1998-2001 Kakichi Sato(Tomioka, Gumma, Japan)

Article about my activity

* deui, 1995. 8, Indonesia.
* Badener Tagblatt, 1995. 9/29, Germany.
* The Logan Daily News, 1997. 9/26, 10/9, U.S.A.
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* Theoni Pappas "Math Stuff" Wide World Publishing/Tetra, U.S.A., 2002.

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