Aluminum Giant Pleiades
Star Cage Workshop
©2010 Akio Hizume

1st - 28th March 2010
Atlanta, U.S.A.

Client: Sarah Garvin and Tom Rodgers

I attended the 9th Gathering for Martin Gardner (G4G9).
Three weeks before the conference, I visited Atlanta as an artist in residence.

First I built the Giant Pleiades made of Aluminum.
I have been using only natural materials. This is first time that I use metal material. It becomes permanent sculpture. It is very light despite the metal body. I hung it floating one foot above the ground. My friend Caspar Schwabe helped me to hanging it. A little wind span it very well. I suppose it should be suitable for artificial satellite which reflects any electromagnetic wave everywhere on the glove.

Next, I built MUMAGARI, that is, the quasi-periodic 3D chirall lattice. It consists of 600 bamboo poles.


I made several bamboo stars using extra bamboo.
27th of March, 300 participants got together here, I gave a workshop how to assemble the bamboo star without any jig.

photo: Caspar Schwabe

I also played bamboo music based on the Golden Ratio using bamboo instruments with participants surrounding fireplace and drinking SAKE inside the Caspar's Bamboo Geodesic Dome.
I enjoyed playing music with Emrehan Halici who is Turkish. It is well known that the Turkish rhythm is very complecated. He played the traditional Turkish rhythm and I jammed with it. Fibonacci Kecak completely fitted in it.
Max Ralling who is a junior high school student played the quasi-periodic rhythm very well. He understood and played it perfectly. I made friends with him. He said he wish to become architect. His father is John S. Riling who is one of the greatest magicians. Some day I might build some geometric sculpture in his house.

Special Thanks
Caspar Schwabe
George W. Hart
Buck Rodgers

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