Solo Show "Golden Bell Tower"

©2007 Akio HIZUME

12-17 June 2007
gallery G, Hiroshima, Japan

I built the Bamboo Fibonacci Tower inside a gallery in downtown of Hiroshima.

I made also three starcages as street performance and displayed them during this exhibition.

The Bamboo Golden Bell Tower was less than 5 meter height.
I played the Fibonacci Kecak with original tone and scale based on the Golden Ratio completely using Max/Msp.
In addition I also controlled 8 lamps hung from ceiling using the same computer program.
The self-similar poly-rhythm music changes its pattern during astronomical period like as the sound of the waves on beach.

Inside View
The cast metal pot was not only practical but also dynamic function.
It made the tower very strong because it was a heavy pendulum. It is the same principle as the Japanese traditional five-story pagoda.

Bottom-up view
It is the same pattern as the Fibonacci Dragon's Spiral.
I used a special speaker to play the Golden Bell sound you are listening to now.
The speaker does not have any speaker cone.
It vibrated the bamboo structure directly.
So to speak, people could listen to the sound inside the speaker box.
All bamboo material reflected and resonated with each overtone of sound.
The sound was very unique. It was not loud.
The Golden Bell Tower is a natural sound equalizer.

Listen to the recorded sound inside the tower.

The bamboo structure threw such shadow all over the wall and ceiling of the gallery.
The light installation was displayed all through the night in front of public main street.

listen to other music
Organizer: Nobutaka Ueda

Collaborator: art space kimura ASK?art space kimura ASK?

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