Solo Show

©2006 Akio HIZUME

6-18 Feb. 2006
art space kimura ASK, Tokyo, Japan

photo: Akihiko Iimura

Installaton with frozen sound and light

photo: Akihiko Iimura

photo: Akihiko Iimura

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

Inside view of the Plexiglas Tower

photo: Akihiko Iimura

The wooden tower throws spiral shadow into gallery.

photo: Akihiko Iimura

Fibonacci Tornado mod2 and a Pleiades.

photo: Akihiko Iimura

The Pleiades are twinkling with metalic sound of BGM.
The Background spiral is called "Fibonacci Tornado mod8".

I displayed six panels called "FIBONACCI TORNADO (2005)" on the wall, that is, the fibonacci phyllotaxis diagram which consits only of similar triangles.

mod1 mod2 mod3 mod5 mod8 mod13

Special Thanks

Yupo Corporation
Lighting Environment Design

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