Copyright 1995 Akio Hizume, All Rights Reserved.

Play fibonaccikck.mid

However this music consists of only 9 periodic rhythm parts, it never repeats for about 2000 years. It is too shorter time than eternity.
This file records just for 7 minutes of 2000 years.

Of course I can make endless music using endless parts.

This music changes its texture little by little.
You can touch the texture of eternity.
That is the feel of the Reality, I think.
Generally speaking, most of revolution are very slow process.

The FIBONACCI KECAK is based on the Golden Mean that is one of the real number.
It is the most exciting.
I expanded such musical structure into any real number.
This is the REAL KECAK (c)1999 Akio HIZUME.

There are endless kinds of musical form. Its quantity are just numbers of the real number Aleph.
The REAL KECAK must be quasi-periodic as long as we use the real number.

Today I sell Compact Disc contains of the Fobonacci Kecak. It is 60 minutes. The price is $15 including sipping cost.

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