Democracy Steps to the Lonely Bay
©2005 Akio Hizume

Coromandel, New Zealand
Feb. - Mar. 2005

Betty Collings

Supported by
The Japan Society for Marcury Bay (Inc)
Department of Conservation (DOC)
Cooks Beach Ferry Landing Parks and Reserves Committee
New Zealand /Japan Exchange Program
Thames Coromandel District Council
Tourism Coromandel
Eggsentric Cafe

Special Thanks
David and Hisae Lynch (The Japan Society),
John Gaukrodger, Derek Cox, Tony Wasley, Paul Edhouse, Mike Green (DOC),
Dave Dyllce, Julie Nevin, Eddie & Eriko MacLean, Addele Smile,
Casey Bowden, Arison Henry, Bob,
Dave, Denise and Johnnie (Eggsentric),
Jerry & Meg Thoma, Toby Morcom, Keith Morcom, Ted Collings

This is the document about 3rd Democracy Steps.
The 1st one was built in Japan (1993), 2nd one was in U.S.A.(1997).
3rd Democracy Steps was built in New Zealand in 2005.

12th of Feb. I arrived at Auckland Airport. Everyday I saw such dramatic sky.

The site is called Lonely Bay where is between the Shakspeare Cliff and the Cook's Beech. This bay is loved by local persons rather than tourists.

After surveying the site, I designed the staircase using computer.
The total length of staircase was 80 meters.
I tried to design it as if I caress the earth.
This drawing is not only plan but also score of music. Actually people can play music on the score. The shape of the ground will play its own melody.

Precise marking with level and strings

21st of Feb. Start to construct

Under construction with volunteers

Break after the work

Completion. Top part, middle part, and bottom part.

The Democracy Steps reachs to the Lonely Bay.
There are full of shells.
This Bay is famous because the captain Cook arrived here and observed the planet Marcury.

At the celebration, I played the Fibonacci Kecak with bamboo instrument.
Then I gave a speech to audience as follows;

This Democracy Steps is a music without sound.
When you climb or down the staircase, your subconsciousness experiences the music actually.
Generally, the subconsciousness has a huge knowledge and intelligence beyond our consciousness. It is a sea ocean of spirit.
The consciousness is just a small island, I think.
The DemocracySteps sgould act on the subconsciousness rather than consciousness.
For example, if your some situation comes to a deadlock, please visit the Lonely Bay and swim here,
and then walk on the Democracy Steps.
I berieve you might get new inspiration naturally.

One day, I held a workshop to make bamboo Starcage at the Eggsentric Cafe.

Sutudents made two Starcage within 30 minutes.

Mr. Devid Lynch of the Japan Society supported me spiritually. He has a Do-Jo of AIKI-DO in the beautiful mountain. I learned the spirit of AIKI-DO a little from him. It is really great skill.

I knew about Kauri Tree that is a symbol of this country. At the entrance of the Democracy Steps, there is a big Kauri Tree. It has very good fragrance. The right picture is female cone.

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