Musashino Art University

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10 - 26 Nov. 2008

GP program EDS bamboo project
Musashino Art University

I built the Fibonacci Tunnel again with students and staves of the Musashino Art University.
The University will do activity using bamboo collaborating with Institute of Technology in Baudun, Indonesia.
I was invited by Musashino Art University as an astist in residence.
I gave recture and workshop everyday for two weeks.

The main project of this project was the construction of the Fibonacci Tunnnel.
We cut 140 MOSO bamboo ourselves in Sho-Getsu temple in Saitama.
Whole process was completely handmade.
I only use natural materials, that is, bamboo and palm rope, that's all.
It was successful.
The Fibonacci Tunnel is very stable.

Though the FibonacciTunnel was more than 1.5 ton weight, we could roll it easily.

Students practiced the Fibonacci Kecak music every day with bamboo instruments which were made by themselves.
The bamboo materials were leftover of the Fibonacci Tunnel.
They played very well and enjoyed it.
Listen to the MP3 (3.5 MB)

At the same time, I built the Bamboo Fibonacci Tea House in campus of the Musashino Art Universiy.
I served coffee for guests and played music with students every evening.

The computer played music besed on the Golden ratio.

Special Thanks
Sho-Getsu Temple

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