Solo Show
inter-native architecture OF music
©2004 Akio HIZUME

12 July - 3 August 2004 @ spaceB
Organizer: IRC, Osaka Seikei University

Cooperation: art space kimura ASK?/LCC corporation
Support: Yotsutani Lab. Ryukoku University

Site Plan

Entrabce of the gallery space B.

Wooden Pleiades whose diameter is 2.5m was hung from the ceiling of atrium.
It turned any time influenced by air.

Pleiades trough its big shadow onthe wall. It also changes the shape.
We never get tired of lseeing it.

The entrance of the Penrose's Forest.
Sunflower Tower Catenary throw impressional shadow on the ceiling.
This pattern is the same as one being reflected in the eyes when pople enters inside the tower and looks up.

I hang the Bamboo Pleiades Lamps from top of each booth, and control their blinking pattern by computer. The pattern is synchronized with the quasi-periodic buck ground music called "FIBONACCI KECAK".
The rhythm pattern changes little by little like as waves lapping at a beach. It never repeats.

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