Bamboo Tea Ceremony House
Hoshi-Bokkuri Cafe

©2007 Akio Hizume

1st November 2007

I rebuilt the Bamboo Fibonacci Tea Ceremony House.
I built it last June in the Hiroshima Project.

First I built a special platform based on the GO-MAGARI structure.
It is very stable because the structure was woven five-fold symmetrically.


The entrance called NIJIRI-GUCHI.
There are fireplace and free hook.

Bottom-up view.

Many birds come just beside the bamboo roof.
They seem not to care people inside the bamboo structure.
They should think that people are inside a mankind-cage.

Only five pine cones are enough to make a couple of espresso coffee.

The pine cones conclude their misson.
Merry Christmas!

The Fibonacci web pattern is refrected in the surface of the coffee.

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

We can see the Fibonacci web pattern until the last drop.

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

I play to break the Fibonacci web pattern.

I made the three-fold interlocking puzzle door.

The whole view

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

blue night with a full moon

Two bamboo cups of SAKE.

The fireplace can become a low dining table.

New Year pine decorations on the TOKO-NO-MA.
There is a dust chute underneath.

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

This is a trial of roofing using eight reed screens.
The cost was only $50.
It was enough to keep off the light rain.
It was also very strong against high wind.
The room was warm and good sound environment.
I actually stayed there two night.
Anyway there are other ways for roofing.
For example, I have roofed with palm leaves in Costa Rica Projact.

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya


photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

Burning pine cones

A girl who watches the fireplace.

Smoke and sun light make beam of light.

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

My friend was sleeping on the hammock.

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

I used the cafe as a study.

At the night of 31st of December 2007, we listened to the tolling of temple bells 108 times on New Year's Eve in the Hoshi-Bokkuri Cafe.
I recorded the sound collaboration of the temple bell and the Fibonacci Kecak inside the Hoshi-Bokkuri Cafe.

The tolling of temple bells 108 times on New Year's Eve
Fibonacci Kecak

(2 minutes, mp3, 2.5MB)

The Hoshi-Bokkuri Cafe was took down on 1st of January 2008.

From my diary I wrote on 18th of January 2008;

The sudden solo show of the HOSHI-BOKKURI CAFE, I did not only integrate architecture, geometry and music but also organize human life within meal form. I believe most guests liked it. I invented of course the structure, and also recipe of dish and eating style.
The guests talked about their deep subjects inside the Tea House.
We talked philosophical and universal problem.
We must use our ingenuity to protest against any behavior which will make the world stupid.
It was an aim of SEN-NO-RIKYU who was the founder of Tea Ceremony House 500 years ago.

Usually I played the Fibonacci Kecak "Golden Bell Tower" as back-ground music.
The architecture is also a big audio speaker cone actually.
Every bamboos and every wall were vibrating.
Sometimes I played my favorite CD music.
For example;

Terje Isungset "Igloo"
Terry Riley "Shri Camel"
Somei Sato "MANTORA"
Stravinsky "Le Sacre de printemps"
Ravel "Bolero"
Akira Ifukube "Symphonic Fantasia No.1"
Clanado "Ri na cruinne"
Steve Reich "Tehillim"
Anton Webern "Variationen Fur Klavier Op. 27"
Arvo Parto "ALINA"
Roger Eno "Voices"
Tangerine Dream "Phaedra"
PINK FROYD "Dark side of the Moon", "ECHOS"
John Cage "Three Dances"
Glenn Gould plays Bach
Pong Pee Shaka "Frog Song", "Reniala"
Enigma "Return to Innocence"

Especially Terje Isungset's ice sound was quite effective there.
How deep and rich the ice sound was!
Under the blue full moon, every vapor in air seemed to be crystallized at once.
The crisp tone of the ice reflected surrounding bamboo.
It was really magical field.

Though both ice and bamboo are not metal materials, they match sound of metallic crystal.
Bamboo contains many minerals rather than any other plants.
Especially it contains silicon and calcium very much.
That is why bamboo is very strong I think.
I heard that where we can get rock crystal, there is also bamboo forest.
We might say that bamboo is a metallic plant.

It is well known that snail eat concrete wall so that he get calcium for their shell.
I often saw he also eat surface of bamboo.

Next time I would like to listen to stone crystal bell or Diamond bell sound inside the Hoshi Bokkuri Cafe.
No, I should listen to the Quasi-Crystal Bell.

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