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Kafka's Labyrinth
Borges' Library of Babel
Rhizome of Deleuze and Guattari
Penrose Tilling
Chaos and Fractal Geometry
Rhizome of Bamboo


Experimental City Design

This installation is not only a maze park but also an experimental city design. The neuro-architecture has been realized using bamboo at last. We cut about 600 bamboo poles which were supplied by old house in Tatebayashi .


The dimension of edge of each pentagon is 2m

–The reason why I use bamboo

Actual reason, this project has done under the lowest budget. I had to use bamboo. There was no other choice.
However there are deep culture about bamboo in Japan, peoples do not always respect them. Because bamboo is too much familiar for us. Japanese person must do renaissance with bamboo I think. This project should give an opportunity that Japanese person notice the new possibility of bamboo.

At the first, I will draw the exact Penrose Tile on ground using rope. it looks like making of Egyptian pyramid.

*Construction of teepee

After drawing on the ground, we construct pentagonal teepee on each pentagon of Penrose Tile.

*Musical Workshop

I will establish The Percussion Ensemble Star Cage ensemble which play the Fibonacci Kecak using bamboo.

*Market and Street Performance

I think we ought to make a temporary market there. Each teepee become a stall. Peoples should encounter many things in such market space. And strange street performers will appear here and there.


5th June 2001
Drawing on the ground using string.

The strings cross 10 fold rotational symmetrically.

Jig made by lopes.

The first teepee,

Some birds rest on the branch.

The view from bottom of teepee

8th June
Six teepees.


12th June 2001
Cross your eyes.


22th June 2001
Cross your eyes.

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