The Giant Self-Standing Bamboo Quasi-Periodic Six Axes Lattice
©2010 Akio Hizume

29th December 2010
Kawane, Japan

I placed MUMAGARI 600 at my tea farm garden.
It is displayed as a permanent sculpture beside the Bamboo Fibonacci Tea House.

The MUMAGARI 600 consists of just 600 bamboo poles. It stands itself without any support.

I analyzed again the principle of the MUMAGARI last March.
There are some innovations.
It was solved why it can self-stand.
The MUMAGARI 600 is the first stage of this quasi-periodic dynamics.
The sculpture is a proof of the principle.
I should call it "a theorem" rather than "a work".

From now, I will build quasi-periodic labyrinth based on the Penrose Tiling in my huge property as an experimental city design.

This arrangement is the Pentagonal Penrose Tiling.

Special Thanks
Takaaki Bando
Hiroyuki Hashiguchi
Tomohisa Saito
Hiroaki Shibata

Tomoko Ninomiya
Etsuro Masui

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