Quasi-Periodic Six-Fold 3D Chiral Lattice

Copyright 1992-1993 Akio HIZUME
PATENT NUMBER 3493499 (March 31, 1993)

Photo: M. Suzuki

Cross your eyes.

I found MU-MAGARI structure as extending the Coffin's puzzle (Coffin, 1990). It can
multiply infinitely.

MU-MAGARI has many interesting characteristics. For instance, its system is self-
complete, self-independent and self-supporting. The wider it is assembled, the more
symmetrical its whole shape becomes.

Shadows of a MU-MAGARI

Quasi-Crystal Model

Beware of imitations.

After my invention, Prof. Tohru Ogawa offered cooperate with me in 1993. I used to mention my acknowledgements to his collaboration at the first.
But little by little he changed his behavior. He published this structure using other name without my agreement, and got huge research funds from government except me. And recently He and a construction company YKKAP printed my works on their magazine without any credit. Over 10,000 copies have been distributed.
Of course I protested them. They replied they would pay only $2,000 to me without correction. How could I correct the false informations to more than 10,000 peoples using only $2,000? I required $20,000.
I am afraid that many persons might think the structure had been discovered by Ogawa. And I am mostly afraid that peoples might misunderstand as if I copied his idea. It is upside down.
Today individual is too neglected.

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