Shizuoka City Museum of Art, JAPAN
24th Aug. 2012
A contemporary ethnic music

Guest Planet Pluto: Guitar Improvisation
yumiji take-bow

Altair: Bamboo Fibonacci Kecak
Kasumi Sone, Nanako Fushimi, Yuriko Tauchi
Saki Matsuda, Asuka Iohara, Etsuro Masui
Satomi Akiba, Mio Akiba

Deneb: Bamboo Delta Kecak
Yumiko Yanagihara, Yoshiharu Uchinuma
Takuma Ito, Yasuko Ito

Vega: Bamboo Square Kecak
Maki Iwakura, Megumi Ueta, Tomoko Ninomiya

Seventh Moon
Akio Hizume

Star Festival 2009

26th Aug. 2009

Take-Bow (guiter)
Sanae Kuroko (Dance)
Yasuyo Araki (Desiner)
Ensemble TTKTK
Akio Hizume

Improvisation on the Fibonacci Kecak
This is live recording of rehearsal for the Star Festival 2009 at the Kyoto Art Center.

Torii Shinpei, Yumiji Take-Bow, Sanae Kuroko, Yasuyo Araki, Akio Hizume

I established a contemporary geometric ethnic music in Aobe, Kawane, Shizuoka, Japan.
I update some mp3 data.

Music for the Sunflower Tower KASHIWA NO HA (2006)

Golden Bell Tower part 1 (mp3, 5 min. 5.7MB)
Golden Bell Tower part2 (mp3, 10 min. 11MB)

This music was generated by computer.
Every tone consists only of overtones based on the Golden Ratio.
Every tone was arranged on scale based on the Golden Ratio.
Every tone plays the Rhythm based on the Golden Ratio.

Please listen to the fragments of the endless music.

Sounds like music from the future!
Music from the planet of the temple where the gods are keeping the mathematics of the universe humming.
Alien-beings are sending us messages.
Atoms are communicating with each other.

Robert Hickling

Music for the Fobonacci Tower (2006)

PLAY (mp3, 5 min. 5.3MB)

It was demonstrated by 6 players and recorded on 13 Oct. 2006 inside the Fibonacci Tower at MARU-CUBE, Tokyo.
The players clapped their hands, MOSO Bamboo, and sometimes the Bamboo Fibonacci Tower.
Young musicians unit "HANAHORE" grooved with the improvisation.
Mr. Kota Noguchi played Sabar which is a African Drum.

Ensemble Star Cage "TTKTK" (2004)

PLAY (mp3, 4.2MB)

It was demonstrated by 14 players and recorded on 31 Aug. 2004 at SHU-YU-KAN, Ohmi-Hachiman, as a closing party of a group exhibition called BIWAKO BIENNALE.
The performer played the Square Kecak (SQR2), the Delta Kecak (SQR3), and the Fibonacci Kecak (golden Mean). We practiced for 2 weeks.

Ensemble Star Cage "Fibonacci Kecak at ASK? "(2004)

PLAY (mp3, 3.5MB)

I held a solo show titled "inter-native architecture OF music" in Tokyo.
One day, I organized a percussion ensemble on the spot.

Sample Audio "Real Kecak System"(2002)

PLAY (mp3, 3.3MB)

This music is just a fragment generated by my interactive program called REAL KECAK SYSTEM. Essentially it is endless music.
MIDI DATA "Fibonacci Kecak"(1995)


This is the earliest attempt. I generated this music using N88Basic and Music Macro Language first, then I converted the code into MIDI DATA. It consists of 9 tones and its period is more than 2000 years.

Copyright 2000 Akio Hizume, All Rights Reserved

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