i n t e r - n a t i v e
architecture OF music

2nd Feb.- 20th Feb. 2004
art space kimura ASK?
3-6-5 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN


I build MANDARA on RHYZOME using Pentapod Booth whose height about 180 cm tall all over the gallery.
This arrangement is based on the Penrose Tiling.

Installation with sound and light
I hang the Bamboo Pleiades Lamps from top of each booth, and control their blinking pattern by computer. The pattern is synchronized with the quasi-periodic buck ground music.
The rhythm pattern changes little by little like as waves lapping at a beach. It never repeats.
In another room, you can play an inter-active computer musical work called Real Kecak System.

Medina or Library of Babel
The Pentapod Booths are also book or display shelves.
My works are displayed on each booth. This exhibition is also called Spiritual Property Museum.
The distance of booth is very narrow. People can go through between the booths barely.
He tries to find the principle of space and music carefully walking around the labyrinth. He might lose his way, but he can encounter many new things.

Integration of Dimensions
Three dimensions are integrated in common space.
3D(quasi-periodic geometric objects)
2D(quasi-periodic arrangement of museum)
1D(quasi-periodic background music)
These three kinds of designs are shadow of a six-dimensional structure on lower dimensional space.
We can aware 6D geometry only by such shadow as Plato said.
I have not know any past example that architecture has such accord with music as much as I did.
So to speak, I composed a canon of common subject across the several dimension spaces.

Loose relation between player and audience
At any street corners, players play quasi-periodic rhythm crapping bamboo instruments.
Player can not see other players. He plays according to some air like as grasshopper frogs, cicada or grasshopper.
Each player plays different but self-similar rhythm.

There is no seat for audience. They walk around in the medina like as free electron.
The Pentapod Booths make special environment of sound. It is an effect of the golden mean which makes wvery matter reflect deffusely.

Support: Baba Shoko Co.,Ltd
Cooperation: Yotsutani Lab. Ryukoku Univ.


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