Fibonacci Bench Paraboloid 2019
March 2019
Sumata-kyo Valley Hot Spring, Kawanehon, Shizuoka
Design & surveillance: Akio Hizume

In the last few years, I have designed a teahouse scale building that would be implemented and made some models.

Above all, this proposal was the most promising.
The roof structure is a double helix based on the phyllotaxis, and the wall structure is a triple helix based on the phyllotaxis.
The entrance can be installed in two directions.

It is a ceiling view.
This ceiling method completely separats outside and inside.
There are many places to embed indirect lighting.
Interesting lighting effects are expected.

However, because it was too expensive to cover the roof, it was decided to use only the roof structure as a bench.
After two months of woodworking work, it is finally construction.
Arrange the 34 beams in order of length.
It looks like an instrument.

With the cooperation of my friend, the bench was assembled very quickly.
Even children can climb up following a spiral based on the Fibonacci number.
Not too close to the next seat, not too far, it is a sense of exquisite distance.
It may be a bench where you can immediately become friends with strangers.

A photo viewed from the top.
Up to 30 people can sit on the bench.One day I would like to hold a event with 30 participants and let them sit down.
Literally, people's flowers will bloom.
This bench will also serve as a support for solar panels and plant boxes.
It is also the most simple and robust construction method for huge parabola antennas.
It will be a playground for children.

As a final finish, I painted firmly to withstand wind and rain.
We would like to use it for at least 10 years.
After the painting, the bench becomes dignified and begins to claim existence as an architecture.

You can also get inside this bench.
The light leaking from the slit is beautiful.
It looks like the dome ceiling of the temple.
The sound is also strangely quiet.

Looking up from directly below.
After all this architecture is what I want to realize as a real architecture next time.

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Client: Sei-Ko-Udoku "Village"
Special Thanks: KAZE KOBO


Hitomi Baba, Yasuhiro Baba
Katsumi Asahara
Tomoo Katayama
Mami Shimizu, Suzuki Kozue
Nobuaki Muramatsu
Tomoko Ninomiya