Bamboo Fibonacci Paraboloid House
Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

©2015 Akio Hizume

5th-22nd Oct. 2015

I built the experimental bamboo city with students of the Musashino Art University.

It is my work of this year.
It is called Bamboo Fibonacci Paraboloid Log House.
This work is a trial attempt of the Fibonacci Pavilion.


This maze city is based on the Penrose Tiling.
Today is the Art Festival.
Students held free market there.

Like a playground or kindergarten.

Children like to live my house.

After that, I rebuilt the house in my garden.
I will cover the roof later.

Special Thanks

Takaaki Bando
Hiroto Hiyoshi
Tomohisa Saito
Dept. of Science of Design, Musashino Art University

Volunteer Students of the Musashino Art University

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