©2000 Akio HIZUME
In 1995 I published a paper describing the Pleiades, a chain of six pentagrams.
In 1999, I developed and mass-produced the concept as a science toy called Starcage #5. Some people can already assemble Pleiades themselves. I can assemble it within five minutes. But most people find it difficult to assemble. So I invented an Origami jig for assembling the Pleiades in 2000. At last, everybody can assemble it themselves.
The jig consists of twelve pieces. You must fold each piece and make a windmill as shown in the following picture.
After you prepare twelve windmills, join each piece together. You don't need any glue.
Finally, you complete the icosi-dodecahedron which has channels.
Next, insert a piece of Pleiades into each channel. The channels now serve as guides which allow you to easily complete the Pleiades.

You can know the estimate price according to how many amounts you will order at once.

In case you order sets; the total price will be at YEN

(approximate unit price is aboutYEN)

*This calculus is an original system. The more order at once, the cheaper price one by one. Under the system, when you order only one product, This is what retail price is about.
The price calculated does not include shipping cost.
This product does not include the kit of the Starcage #5. Purchase the kit separately.

Special Thanks
Pentagonal Envelope: "Eco-Eco System" ©1991 Humiaki HUZITA
Illustration: Tomoko NINOMIYA
Die-cut: LCC corporation