S T A R C A G E #5
Copyright 1995 Akio HIZUME, All Rights Reserved
Patent No.3114086 @
This is a flat star called the Star Cage #5.
Let's throw it.

It stands up itself.
He has come round and got life.
1,300yen(without shipping cost)


1,000yen(without shipping cost)

GEOMETRIC ART? SCIENTIFIC TOY? PUZZLE? VIRUS? You can assemble your own STAR CAGE #5, a golden mean crystallization that consists of six pentagrams composed of a total of 30 pieces, by hand as you create your own beautiful star. When completed, the star can be flattened, and when you give it a relatively strong shock, it bursts into the star construction. We hope that you will enjoy your STAR CAGE #5. Star Cage Institute of Geometry fax: 81-274-87-2828
STAR CAGE is the name of a pentagonal structure created originally by Akio Hizume. The STAR CAGE #5 is the name of one of his works which was created in 1995. He introduced his The STAR CAGE #5 under the name of "PLEIADES", since the structure consisted of 6 5-pointed stars, in Vol. 4, No. 1 (1995) and Vol. 5, No. 1 (1996) of the science magazine, "Hyper Space". Special Thanks to Akira Nagashima and GIDC. Return to Top Page