and one of my musical piece

Fibonacci Kecak for SHO

Concert with Tamami Tono titled Breathing Media

Ohgo, Gumma, Japan

20 Nov. 1999

Star Cage refrected various light.

Japanese traditional music GA-GA-KU

Ms. Tono played not only traditional GAGAKU, but also contemporaly pieces that she composed.
The SHO is one of traditional instrument made by bamboo. It is a kind of multi flute.

photo by H.Ohshima

Ms. Tono played also "Star Cage: Fibonacci Kecak for Sho"
which is one of my composition (World Premiere).

When Mr.Hayashi played inprivization, the Star Cage floated on the space, then turned and threw its shadows on the horizont.

photo by A. Iimura

Finally Mr. Ikemiya took it apart completely.
Bamboo sounds.
Then only bamboo materials remained there.

Tamami Tono (SHO, U, composition)

IKUKO (vocal)

Junichiro Hayasi (percussion)

Chiaki Yagi (RYUTEKI)

Katuhiko Tabuchi (HICHIRIKI)

Nakao Ikemiya (performance)

Akio Hizume (stage set design, composition)

Guen Ray Taketomi (produce)

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