©2013 January Akio Hizume

After the past projects in the Shizuoka City Museum of Art and the Musashino University, finally I have built the Fibonacci Tower in my tea farm.

photo: Tomoko Ninomiya

First, I built the pentagonal platform with the floor elevated above ground level.

photo: Mei Koizumi

Inside the tower there are some scaffolds of bamboo.
I myself climbed on the top and worked carefully.
It was dangerous work.

On 27th of January (Full Moon), many friends got togeter and helped for the construction.

photo: Mei Koizumi

It took from 10AM to 4PM.
It was successful.
We enjoyed completion ceremony with SAKE and fibonacci music on the full moon day.

photo: Mei Koizumi

A boy who is 10 years old climed on the top of scaffold.

I removed all the scaffolds.
It is beautiful bottom up view as always.
From now the tower will used as a bell tower. I will also use it as tea room in the future

A director of famous radio broadcast station was there and reported the news of the Fibonacci Tower on the radio.

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