Daily STAR CAGE Workshop
in Costa Rica

©2007 Akio HIZUME

August-September 2007
Centro de Bambu
Puerto Escondido, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Preparation of bamboo material.
Around 80 slender bamboo poles were supplied by Mr. Steven Bell.

Mr. Concepcion took node of bamboo carefully, I cut them exact length.

In Costa Rica, it is not easy to get bamboo rod.
I demonstrated how to make any size bamboo rod at will.

I brought a special tool to make bamboo rod.
It worked well, but took long time.

On 21st of August, I gave daily Starcage workshop for Mr. Concepcion. I did it before or after daily work of the Girasol Torre.

23rd of August

24th of August, a local TV interviewed me.

31st of August

5th of September

On 10th of September, the local TV recorded our activities.

Steven Bell (N.P.O. Friends of the Osa)
Alfredo Quintero (N.P.O. Friends of the Osa)

Concepcion Lopez Diaz
Bienvenido Quintero
Johnny Serracin

Special Thanks
Dennis Vasquez (N.P.O. Friends of the Osa)
Gioconda Jimenez (N.P.O. Friends of the Osa)

Assist and Photograph
Tomoko Ninomiya

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