14th Feb. 2004
art space kimura ASK?
Kyobashi, Tokyo, JAPAN

6 players played the Fibonacci-Kecak and Square-Kecak inside the installation of Akio's solo show titled "inter-native architecture OF music"
It was a mathematical percussion ensemble. They had practiced only for several hours before recording, but you might feel as if it were a kind of ethnic music of some country. This music is just mathematics. We get new musical freedom on the principle.
Please listen to the mp3 file. You can choose two quality of sound.

ask_m.mp3 (9' 51" medium quality 3.3MB)

ask_l.mp3 (9' 51" low quality 1.6MB)

Naoko MAEDA, Aoi SASAKI, Midori ETO,
Akihiko IIMURA, Yoshiyuki KIMURA, Akio HIZUME
Recordes by Masahiro TOMIOKA: Edited by Akio HIZUME

©2004 Akio Hizume, All Rights Reserved

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