Patent for the Origami Fibonacci Turbine
Akio Hizume

Patent for the Origami Fibonacci Turbine was granted.

Patent No. 7013094
Origami general-purpose turbine

Application date 2 July 2018
Registration date January 21, 2022

This is the fourth patent I have received.

As well as the beauty of the shape, this invention may enable households to go off-grid.
In particular, it could be the best solution for small hydro and wind power generation.

By simply folding the plate like origami, a highly efficient turbine can be produced, based on the golden angle (≈137.5°), which is often used by plants.
Because the blades act as a shaft, durability will be unparalleled.
As none of the blades are in the same plane, aerodynamic losses are reduced and lift is maximised.
Quietness can also be expected.

A second-hand alternator, a second-hand battery, second-hand bicycle bearings and a gearbox would make a power-generating unit, a technology that would make a dead tree bloom.
In the future, 12V DC should be the standard power source for electrical appliances.

Wind turbines buzzing around like giant passenger planes and solar panels are obsolete. The cost of production, lifespan and disposal makes them unprofitable, if not as profitable as nuclear power, and their environmental impact cannot be ignored.

Not only can they be used in power turbines, but also in propellers, screws, jet engines, blowers and many other applications.
It could also be applied to springs, drill bits and drilling machines.
It could also be applied to springs, drill bits and excavator.
It can also be applied to wheels suitable for driving on rough roads.

Please see the following video.

Origami Fibonacci Turbine CG video

CG image of Origami Fibonacci Helicopter

Prototype made by 3D printer. Demonstrated as a helicopter.

I made the turbine as a torus and knot.

I applied it to a wheel.

Composed music using the footprints of a wheel as a musical score.

A Möbius strip consisting of 15 golden angle isosceles triangles.

English paper "ORIGAMI FIBONACCI TURBINE", November 2019, SIS-Symmetry: Art and Science -11th Congress

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