Four Architectural Proposals for a Museum
©2011 Akio Hizume

These four plans are variations of the GOETHEANUM 3 (1990) based on the Penrose Lattice.
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Gothic Type

Rotonda Type

Book Shelf Type

Pentabooth Type

Message from Sir Roger Penrose

"Dear Akio,

Most gracious thanks for your e-mail.

I just wanted to let you know that I think your architectural designs are astonishingly beautiful and satisfying. Of course I have come to expect such things from you but, each time, I continue to be amazed by the wonderful designs that you have been able to come up with, often developing, in ingenious ways, the simple arrangements of regular pentagons that I had presented, nearly 40 years ago.

I certainly hope that some of these amazing architectural designs of yours may be realized, before too long, as actual building structures.

Warm regards---Roger" 15th September 2011

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