AHA , Zurich, 1998. Photo by N. Schwabe.



As a reference, I inform you the srandard contents of my lecture.
I talk about the forms based on golden mean.
I showed many original works.
The concise contents are as follows.


*the revolution of the form of architecture
*superstitions of the golden mean
*the golden mean as a self-similar structure
*the golden mean as a standard of fractal structure
*the golden mean on plant
*the golden mean as a standard of the dialectic
*the golden mean as the most dissonance
*the coming form of music based on the golden mean
golden scale/golden tone/golden rhythm/ irrational tempo
*Fibonacci Kecak(1995): quasi-periodic original musical work
Fibonacci Kecak and Fibonacci System (1999):Music as Moving
*Quasi-periodic City planning(1987):original city plan
*GOETHEANUM 3(1990): original Architectural design based on Penrose tile(subtitle is "6 dimensional cathedral")
*GO-MAGARI(1990):five-fold quasi-periodic plane structure (Original)
*MU-MAGARI(1993):six-fold quasi-periodic structure (original)
*TO-MAGARI(1993):ten-fold quasi-periodic structure (original)
*HEXA-PLEXUS(1995):another quasi-periodic structure (original)
*PLEIADES(1995):a foldable pentagonal object like a star (original)
*Democratic Stairway(1995):quasi-periodic staircase (original)
*neuro-architecture(1995):a quasi-periodic space design for a exhibition(original)
*BAMBOO-HENGE(1994,1995,1996):quasi-periodic big sculptures in Japan, Austria and Germany.
*PENTAGONAL DIVERSITY: original graphic design
*Universal Keyboard: Golden Matrix
*Ouroboros Engine: coming logic beyond the syllogism

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