My main subjects for research are architecture, the form of music and quasi-periodic geometry based on the Golden Mean.
I do not only research theory but also make many original works practically.

I found many quasi-periodic structures. I named them "Star Cage".
I built some big Star Cages as geometrical sculptures using bamboo inJapan, Indonesia, Austria, Germany, U.S.A. and Switzerland.

My latest discovery is a Self-Standing Star Cage without any string and people can enter into the center of it. It is almost genuine architecture!

I would not success my discovery if I had not encountered bamboo.
I would like to push my geometrical research and I will make many bamboo sculptures anywhere in the world.
Generally speaking, they say that it is impossible to experiment on architecture because it is so high cost and big scale. But I think it is possible by bamboo.
I believe they are not only geometry but also avant-garde art.
I don't separate both science and art. Both of them are human ars.

I innovated also musical forms, that is, rhythm, scale and tone.
In 1995, I composed a musical piece using the innovations. It was called "Fibonacci Kecak". I published it at an International Congress called ISIS Symmetry in Washington D.C.
This music is the same form as my quasi-periodic sculpture completely!

I try to bring to fruition of forthcoming architecture and music in the world.

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