Daily Fibonacci Kecak Workshop
in Costa Rica

©2007 Akio HIZUME

August-September 2007
Centro de Bambu
Puerto Escondido, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

I made bamboo slit drums as many as possible.

Arturo helped my work many times.
Even though Arturo is primary schoolchild, he knows what I need like grownup worker.
He has many skills. I often surprised at his knot technique.
He already applies basic knot technique at will.

The first participant was Mr. Omar who happened to be passing.

26th August.
The workshop seemed to be a kind of after-school cram school.

29th August.

2nd September.

2nd September.
Stephanie understood the principal of the Fibonacci Kecak perfectly. She could play very well.

5th September.

I explained the self-similar principal of the Fibonacci Kecak using such score written on the white board.

Jose Luis and Jason played very well.
Jose Luis should be teacher here during my absent.

9th September.
In the evening, after hard work, we were caught in a shower.
We played the Fibonacci Kecak and drank beer.
It was fun. We enjoyed improvisation very much.
From left, Jose Manuel, Johnny, Gisela, Akio, Bienvenido.

11th September.
It was the final workshop. Local TV recorded our performance.

From left, Akio, Jose Mario, Jason, Arturo, Jose Luis, Tomoko, Rommel.

Steven Bell (N.P.O. Friends of the Osa)
Alfredo Quintero (N.P.O. Friends of the Osa)

Concepcion Lopez Diaz
Bienvenido Quintero
Johnny Serracin

Special Thanks
Dennis Vasquez (N.P.O. Friends of the Osa)
Gioconda Jimenez (N.P.O. Friends of the Osa)

Assist and Photograph
Tomoko Ninomiya

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