Bamboo Quasi-Crystal Sculpture 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

April 2017

©2017 Akio Hizume

Quasi-Crystal Bamboo Sculpture was placed in Japan House, Sao Paulo.


Axis of five-fold rotational symmetry.

Axis of three-fold rotational symmetry.

We carry the work to final position.
Total weight is around 300 kg.
Throw a bamboo piece into the sculpture, then it comes down slowly with making a sound like a pinball.

A video produced by the Japan House.

A popular magazine "Veja Sao Paulo" covers my activity.

Since many bamboo poles were leftover, we decided to hold the workshop "Let's make the simplest bamboo star" for young people of Sao Paulo.

One simplest star was displayed in the inner court of the Japan House.

Another star was placed in the garden of Marcello Dantas' house.

One day, me and Mr. Kawashima were invited to dinner in the Consulado Geral do Japao em Sao Paulo.
We enjoyed talking about wide range of topics.

Menu of the dinner. The dishes and wine were really excellent!

Directed by
Marcello Dantas

Special Thanks
Consulado Geral do Japao em Sao Paulo
Volunteers in Sao Paulo
Hiroyuki Hashiguchi

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