Quasi-Crystal Sculpture

Wattens, Austria

©1995 Akio HIZUME
PATENT NUMBER 3493499 (March 31, 1993)

I was requested to make the bamboo sculpture suddenly by Andre Heller via Wolfgang Eberts.
I had only one month to prepare it.
I went directly to Wattens from Washington D.C. where an international congress of geometry was held. I had to buy air ticket in spare moments from the important congress.

This work consisted of 300 bamboo poles whose length was 6m each.
It took two weeks to build.

It needed supporting ropes. But today, I have discovered the more advanced self-standing STAR CAGE.

Beware of imitations.

It was successful work, but they did not pay even the travel expenses.
A certain person informed me that this work came near to being published as made by Andre Heller.

In addition, I taught some prototypes of bamboo Star Cage to Wolfgang Eberts in this expedition, then he copied my work and sold it in the world without my permission. He tramples on copyright of artist.